Why Shouldn’t I Get a Flip phone If I Want Privacy

I hear many people express their frustration of constantly being tracked by saying “I’m getting an old-school flip phone!”

Well, I can understand their frustration, because I share the same frustration. That’s what got me into privacy phones.

However, searching out old-school flip-phones is not the solution in my mind. Why? Because they’re old technology, capable of only 2G and maybe 3G transmission/reception.

Why is only 2G/3G capability a problem? Because the cellphone carriers are eliminating 2G and 3G capability in their networks to make room in their bandwidth for 5G.

Soon, that old-school flip-phone won’t be able to get any service on a network.

All the privacy phones I offer are capable of 4G (and I don’t offer 5G capable phones). So that will ensure service for years to come.