Custom 2019 and Newer Privacy Phone



If your budget is more flexible and you want a newer phone than the ones listed, then that’s possible to do a custom order. A newer model will provide the user a little more comfort that the battery life is stronger or the phone will last longer. One never knows for sure about longevity of electronics and there is no guarantee with a used phone.

Some newer models would be phones like the 2019 Pixel 4, the 2019 Pixel 4 XL,  the 2020 Pixel 5, the 2021 Pixel 6, the 2019 OnePlus 7t, the 2020 OnePlus 8, etc

A non-refundable deposit would be required once a model has been determined. Prices will vary depending on model from 600+ CAD and up. Please Session me if you are interested.


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