2017 Samsung A5 5.2″ 1080 x 1920 Super AMOLED screen 32gb SDcard slot



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This mid-range Samsung A5 2017 is a reliable workhorse and a great value. I’m just a typical Internet user and don’t play games on my phones, so I don’t really notice much significant difference in performance between the Samsung A5 and the more expensive phones. Perhaps the other higher priced models offer some other features, like bigger screen, better photos (the Google Pixels), dual SIM (the Motorolas), etc.

The 5.2″ 1080 x 1920 screen looks great. Beautiful metal and glass body gives it a premium feel. The SD-card slot allows for more photos and videos. Premium quality with metal and glass, water resistance. The sound is loud enough for a small room and has a pleasant balanced sound of highs/lows to my ears. Good battery life.

The camera has been tuned to provide good quality images.

For the average user who doesn’t need a big screen, I don’t hesitate to recommend the Samsung A5.

Condition: used and in excellent shape

Note: Every so often, I come across the beautiful peach and light blue models. Those are an extra $20 premium. Please request if you want these beautiful coloured phones.

Lots of good comments in the Youtube video



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