Monero? Crypto? Really?

Yes, let’s get on the crypto privacy bandwagon and use the Monero (XMR) cryptocoin for purchases on this website. Monero is the biggest privacy coin. It’s so good that criminals use it. Now I’m just a techie, not a criminal. And I don’t know if the folks who want degoogled phones are criminals (FYI: those folks need more private devices than just a degoogled phone).

Setting up a Monero wallet is not convenient. You download the Monero wallet software. And then you either load the entire Monero blockchain onto your computer (it takes up 105+gb and took more than a day on my 25 Mbps Internet plan). Or you connect to a remote note that has the full Monero blockchain. Then somehow, you have to get a crypto account somewhere, buy some Monero somehow. And then transfer some of that Monero from your wallet to mine.

Crazy inconvenient!? Yep.

But if you’re not in the crypto world already, and getting a degoogled phone off me catalyzes you into the crypto world, then who knows where that will lead?

Please take the time to setup the Monero environment beforehand. It will probably take at least a couple weeks to setup. But it might be a worthwhile step to take. And it might add to your financial diversity and sovereignty.

I’m hopng that it may lead to a brighter, freer future for everyone.

Feel free to message me regarding phones and payment.