Intrusive Snooping by Googled Androids versus Degoogled

In an October 6, 2021 report, Doug Leith and team tell us that regular Googlified Android phones by Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Realme phone home to Google and the manufacturer, transmitting all sorts of data by default.

While occasional communication with OS servers is to be expected, the observed data transmission goes well beyond this and raises a number of privacy concerns. There is no opt out from this data collection.

The type of data collected is shown in this table. I would ignore the LineageOS column because the testers most likely were using a phone that had GApps installed with LineageOS. You don’t have to use GApps with LineageOS – you can install MicroG and avoid the Google intrusion.

Notice that the /eOS column is empty. /eOS is a degoogled operating system. And one which is installed on many of the privacy phones being offered on this site.

Moral of this article? If your priority is privacy, then please get a degoogled privacy phone that doesn’t send your data to Big Tech and spy on you.